Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry

“Always exceeding our client’s expectations” – the honest answer you will hear when any of our associates are asked the secret to our company’s forty plus years of continued success and expansion. Some may be surprised at the simplicity of this response, this answer is not just the secret, it is also our mission, the philosophy – and it has always been deeply imbedded into Craft-Maid’s history.

Handmade cabinets, hand selected woods, true quality – the ultimate goal – producing exquisite cabinetry known throughout the world.Reading Eagle

Since 1972, with a mere 1,000 square feet of factory/office space – which has grown to 110,000 square feet – Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry Factorypromises to fulfill the most elaborate wishes and demands of its clients – to bring your vision to reality with quality, care, craftsmanship, appreciation and respect. Our factory offers the widest array of options with over 24 species of hardwood, exotic veneers from around the world, over 250 door styles and every possible finish and sheen, satisfying both the newest and the oldest styles out there. Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry has not only been able to exceed expectations by its vast offerings, but also by the quality of its products. The highest level of quality is consistently delivered due to over 90% of the doors being manufactured “in house” – unlike many other competitors that source doors from outside manufacturers – we truly are “handmade”.

Today, Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry has developed itself to grant the wishes of clients on every continent because of our team of the industry’s most talented craftsmen and our 110,000 square foot factory, a truly customized facility, located in a retrofitted, downtown, turn-of-the-century factory in the historical district of Reading, Pennsylvania. We have been part of that history for over 40 years, and because of our desire and ability to give our clients only the best – we will continue to be part of Reading’s history for a long time to come. We provide you the details in cabinetry that separates us from all of the rest. Use your imagination and we will build it!





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