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  • Exceptional Curved KitchenExceptional Curved Kitchen

    Most kitchens do not have curves except for this one built by

  • Contemporary Master BathroomBeautiful Master Bathroom

    This contemporary bathroom includes Vertical Swiss Elm veneer doors and drawer fronts with a high sheen finish. Stephanie Welton, a true high end designer from Today’s Kitchens in Stamford, CT., demonstrates her abilities to coordinate every detail, in this beautiful master bathroom.

  • Well Designed KitchenAnother Well-Designed Kitchen

    Thanks again to Jim Dove of Dove Design in Short Hills, NJ. He chose the classic #1035 with 3-1/2” stiles and rails, 5/4 flat recessed panel, flush inset, and Quarter Sawn White Oak. He also chose Ice White Back Painted Glass which is also shown. This is another example of a well-designed kitchen using more
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  • Minimalistic Kitchen DesignMinimalistic Design Kitchen

    Thanks to Christine Donner of Christine Donner Kitchen Design of Norwalk, CT, whose photos are shown below. This kitchen shows her minimalistic design. Chris’s design included the Georgetown #10, 4/4 doors with concealed hinges, flush inset cabinet construction, and linen white paint. A booth and an island large enough to seat 4 adults creates beauty
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  • Transitional KitchensSpectacular Functional and Appealing Kitchen

    Thanks to Jim Dove of Dove Design, located in Chatham, NJ, who designed this spectacular, large kitchen for his client. He used the Thornbury 5/4 flat panel door in both solid walnut and a Benjamin Moore white paint. There are many design details such as a custom bench which is part of an island with
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  • Stainless Steel CabinetryIntroducing Custom Stainless Steel Cabinetry

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, Reading, PA, has introduced custom stainless steel cabinetry, which includes Flush Inset stainless steel cabinets accented with custom stainless steel frame doors with gray back painted glass center panels. Jim Dove, Dove Design in Short Hills, NJ, has combined stainless steel with walnut cabinets, finished with a dark, glazed stain. This kitchen
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  • High Sheen PaintIntroducing a High Sheen Paint, not Hand Buffed

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, Reading, PA., has introduced a high sheen paint, not hand buffed, for 5 piece doors and drawers. Thanks to Jim Dove, of Dove Design In Short Hills, NJ., we all can enjoy his bold choices of color and his attention to details. One inch thick doors, with the high sheen finish, make
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  • Flushed Inset Custom KitchenIntroducing this Flush Inset, Pearl White Painted Kitchen

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, Reading, PA, has introduced this Flush Inset, Pearl White painted kitchen that highlights the Dupont one step door style and the fishtail leaded glass option. Thanks to Christine Donner in New Canaan, CT, for her classic design style including waterproof mahogany countertops, antique mirrors and Dolce Vita countertops. She also used simple
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  • Beaded Inset Custom KitchenIntroducing this Beaded Inset, White Painted Kitchen

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, Reading, PA, has introduced this Beaded Inset, white painted kitchen that combines beauty and functionality. Thanks to Charles Cameron of Design Details in Massachusetts, who designed this kitchen with doors on end, a stacked crown assembly and an additional bead attached to the bottom of the wall cabinets.

  • Introducing a simple, flat horizontal grain, solid walnut drawer front

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, Reading, PA, has introduced a simple, flat horizontal grain, solid walnut drawer front, with a dark brown wiped glaze and a low sheen. The handleless look is achieved by machining a finger grip on the top of each drawer front. The walls are accentuated with wall panels to match the appearance of
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  • Reclaiming and Recycling Wormy Chestnut

    A video showing how reclaimed wormy chestnut from an old barn becomes a kitchen. For more information, please contact Craft-Maid at 610-376-8686.

  • Hickory Veneer Contemporary Kitchen

    Craft-Maid Handmade Cabinetry, located in Reading, PA, has introduced matched horizontal grain Hickory veneer contemporary kitchen as shown in the attached photos. For more information, please contact us at 610-376-8686.

  • An Overview of Contemporary Kitchens

    Craft-Maid Kitchens – Combining contemporary kitchen design with the most advanced technologies available.  Craft-Maid Kitchens are as unique as the clients we serve.  With access to an unlimited selection of products and finishes our designers have no boundaries to their creativity.  We provide a variety of options making our custom kitchens truly unique.

  • Why I enjoy using my kitchen

    Craft-Maid Kitchens – Handmade Cabinetry – Preparing a meal in a well designed creative and functional environment makes the Craft-Maid Kitchen an absolute dream.  Limestone countertops, rich walnut cabinet doors, deep countertop, top of the line appliances integrate seemlessly with the cabinets and countertops.  Drawers open automatically with just a touch with a sensor for
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  • Profile of Craft-Maid Kitchens

    Ever since Craft-Maid Kitchens was established in 1972 its originally philosophy has not changed.  We offer our designers cutting edge products all while maintaining consistently high quality and workmanship in everything we do.  Our uncompromising attention to detail is reflected in how we hand select materials and create distinctive colors and finishes that truly express
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  • HGTV Top 10 Amazing Kitchens #6

    HGTV Top 10 Amazing Kitchens magnificent old world kitchen. Olivia Anderson wanted a Victorian kitchen that moved her. This exquisite Victorian kitchen is a show stopper with beautiful cherry and maple wood, intricate details, arched and curved armoires, curved doors & curved drawers, fine detail. Shows well and works well!

  • Ditchin My Kitchen - Craft-Maid footage

    Ditchin My Kitchen, aired on Comcast TV. A new kitchen project from start to finish.